Nicht für,
sondern mit!

There is a studio shortage in Berlin

Similar to the housing crisis, there is also a commercial crisis in view of the heated real estate market and the accompanying exploding rents in the growing city.

Much too late, the political leaders have taken the foreseeable developments seriously and tore the rudder of privatization and neo-liberalism towards the maintenance of land for services of general interest and remunicipalisation. And even now, policymakers are clearly not aware of the need and the opportunity to counteract by building on proven and robust actor networks, along with civil society, the independent scene and the welfare-oriented economy. They could use the currently available public funds in a timely, non-bureaucratic, needs-oriented and participatory manner to develop space, create new places for artistic work and secure existing ones.

The artists of this city say clearly: NOT IN OUR NAME!

Political leaders can no longer shift their responsibility to their predecessors and the market situation. On the other hand, given the scarcity of space on the one hand, and the financial resources of public funds at the same time, it is more important than ever to take effective immediate measures that reach the artists, take civil society seriously and exploit their potential. Which certainly does not help, but is intended: a bloating of bureaucratic devices and processes. Artists now need space – WITH and developed by them, NOT from above without expertise for them; and secured in the long term, beyond political cycles!

With him, the artists and their associations and organizations are to be finally excluded from the development work for their own infrastructure. An active involvement of the non-profit real estate industry and serious private owners is expressly not provided. The new bureaucracy is expected to cost 500,000 euros a year alone.

This is state command economy, beyond and cut off from existing structures, far from transparent participation and control of parliament and civil society – Black Box culture office.

If not now then when?

New capacities and know-how in real estate development are welcome, but not by the breaking up of proven structures of needs-based development and co-determination. If good things are not strengthened and supplemented with something better now, Berlin will have to bid farewell to its artists.

Quickly, the important tasks (such as needs assessment, project development, leasing and awarding) must be shifted to the strong shoulders of competent actors from civil society: in a cooperative exchange, with transparent and clear responsibilities. Initiatives by artists and artist groups must be strengthened and recorded. The goal: to create affordable, long-term secure and cooperatively developed studios and places for artistic work


* Koalitionsvertrag von 2016: “Für eine integrierte und partizipative Kulturpolitik”, Überschrift S.120

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