AKKU Intervention R23, Tuesday 24.09.2019 11h00

Dear friends and colleagues!

Rathenower Str. 23 was sold for the second time a month and a half ago. Passed from one speculator to the next. The inhabitants of the house, including artists in their studios, do not give up!

AKKU is fighting with your help. First of all, that the district / Senate exercises its right of first refusal. The pre-purchase period expires on 29.09.2019. In the house are 8 apartments empty and a large dry floor is ideal for ateliers.

Four artists already live in the house – two musicians, Donna Lee (USA) and Misa Shimomura (Japan) and two visual artists, Mikolaj Polinski (Poland) and Ralf G. Landmesser (D-Land).

AKKU wants to shoot with a short FAKE NEWS movie (3 min) and distribute it with your help via social media. The film will feature a short series of FAKE interviews with artists who have just gotten a place in the house and are about to move in. Maybe you have some funny questions for the interviews. Everything spontaneously. Satire!

If you want to be there and want to join a FAKE interview, come to Rathenower Str. 23 in Moabit on Tuesday, 24.09.2019 at 11h00. We look forward to seeing you. PS. If you have spontaneous actions or something to distribute, let us know – we’ll be happy to help make your situation visible.

Questions or information to: info@akku-berlin.org

Best regards The AKKU team