‘I want to eat my walls and the shadows on the water’

We at AKKU welcome and support the exhibition of the artists of the Atelieretage Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft, Wilhelminenhofstraße 83 - 85 and for the Gallery Weekend!

April 25

The situation for visual artists studio- and presentation spaces has changed dramatically in Berlin during the recent years, this changes the characteristics of the city.

The jobs of nearly 20 artists in the Rathenauhallen are also at risk. Long-term planning is made impossible by the annual extension of studio leases and there are increasing questions about the future of one’s own artistic work.

In order to signal that it is an achievement and necessity to give artists a lobby, the exhibition & Open Studios “I want to eat my walls and the shadows on the water” takes place. It is the work of new neighbours and residents to be seen, to demonstrate cohesion among colleagues.

Von und mit:
Sarah Dudley
Nadine Fecht
Carlos Guerra
Kirsten Heuschen
Christian Jankowski
Johanna Jaeger
Alicja Kwade
Yoon Chung Kim
Kathrin Köster
Regina Nieke
Marie Rief
Maud Tutsche
Jorinde Voigt
Raul Walch
Filip Zorzor
Atelieretage Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft
Building 59, 3. OG
Wilhelminenhofstraße 83 – 85
12459 Berlin
27. April 2019 14-18h00 and 28. April 2019 10-14h00

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