Call: “Mietenwahnsinn” March

We from AKKU will participate at the march as part of "kunstblock", a solidarity initiative of Berlin artists.

April 6

Profit-oriented real estate not only endangers private tenants. They do endanger artists’ studios, which are regarded as commercial premises and give owners a free hand when it comes to increase rents and terminations. Art’s specific locations have been experiencing this more and more frequently in recent times.

The “Kulturverwaltung”, Berlin’ cultural administration, is aware of the city’s studio crisis, but political leaders decided to solve this problem on their own. Proven structures of participation should be abandoned to be replaced by a vague, as well as questionable, cultural bureaucracy. In a first step, the space coordinators of the “Freie Szene” have already been abolished.

“Gemeinsam gegen Verdrängung und Mietenwahnsinn” is the slogan of the#mietenwahnsinn march on Saturday, 6th of April. We from AKKU will participate as part of “kunstblock”, a solidarity initiative of the Berlin art scene.

We are happy to take this opportunity to activate our new action tool, the “Klaus Lederer Atelier”.

Come out – get involved!

Meeting point – kunstblock *
Saturday, 6,th of April, at 12 noon
Haus der Statistik, Karl Marx Allee 1

*Program kunsblock:

13:00 o’clock the first Lautis drive off direction Karl Marx Allee. About 1 hour of music as well as speeches about rising rents and gentrification, afterwards Ina moderates and coordinates the further speeches and music contributions.

13:30 kunstblock’s Lauti starts, is in pre-last position, in front of the rave Lauti. It goes over Straußberger Platz and Frankfurter Tor

14:00-14:20 Speeches: kunstblock (5 min), Mikaela from “Flutgraben” (5 min.), Mathias from Koalition der Freien Szene (5 min.), Martin Schwegmann (5 min.)

14:20-14:35 Rap/Freestyles by Beatyov (15 min)

14:35- 14:45 Speech: Kiezmarkthalle (5 min.), New Home Middle (5 min.)

14:45-15:00 Pastor Leumund (15 min.)

15:00 -15:15 Speeches by Bini Adamczak + Lisa Klinkenberg: from the initiative Lause Bleibt

15:15- 15:25 Pastoral singing by Boris Jöns from AbBA and AKKU about threatened and closed places

15:25-15:35 Speech by Who owns Kreuzberg (5 min), possibly ZK/U: Speaker (5 min)

15:35-16:00 Music pieces of Ina + end