Preparation of the AKtive KUnst Campaign

First big meetings to prepare the campaign

March 5

Haus der Statistik
Otto-Braun -Straße, 10178 Berlin

In Berlin, there is a visual artist studio emergency – and the cultural administration wants to solve this alone. All signs indicate that they will not succeed. Much too late, the political leaders have taken the foreseeable developments seriously and now tentatively try to turn the rudder of privatization and neoliberalism towards the preservation of land for art.

The current problem is as follows:

  1. The creation of the structure for workrooms newly planned by the cultural administration (the so-called “Kulturraumbüro 2.0”) will last at least until summer 2020. However, the studio emergency now prevails.
  2. The transition to this structure is, at best, unclear and thus at the expense of the artists of this city.
  3. New areas are increasingly being developed according to the needs of the artists – too small, too expensive, ceilings too low, too far outside: This is the current practice of cultural administration, which is increasingly acting against the explicit advice of the studio office.
  4. The cultural administration would like to redesign the studio promotion from an infrastructure support to a single promotion of artists. This also means that the real downside demand can be calculated if, for example, the senate culture administration assumes that only a fraction of the artists are eligible and the rents will rise.

Therefore, you are all urged to stop this development and to shape the spatial policy of the city: We found the group AKKU – AKtive KUnst – Action Group of Fine Artists to influence the catastrophic situation with a campaign – join us!

Let’s meet, get as broad as possible, to send an effective signal from the art scene.

We want to give a fresh cell treatment to the cooperative culture of conversation and show resistance together! Our goal: to suggest to policy-makers in the cultural senate and party representatives in the Chamber of Deputies what space we need – and how urgent this is.

Let us visualise our idea of ​​cooperation in a constructive, provocative and clear visual language.

Let us discuss the possible formats, slogans and actions on 5.3. work together, complete and concretize.